The Whispering Angel Culinary Garden


Private Lunch & Dinner with Exceptional Rosé Pairings

Tucked between the Inn’s main building and masterfully restored barn, the Whispering Angel Culinary Garden is centered around a large, wood farm table and rustic benches with blush accents. Enclosed by a wood and wire fence with sheltering trees just beyond, it’s a magical, natural setting for a private lunch or dinner for up to 12 people, each course expertly paired with selections from Provence’s Château d’Esclans, maker of the world’s most celebrated rosés. Providing an element of glamour, the finest of the Whispering Angel pairings are served in specially curated selections of crystal wine glasses – because everything tastes better in Baccarat.



  • $240.00 for up to six people and $40.00 per additional person, up to a party of 12.
  • Optional Whispering Angel wine pairing, $30.00 per person.


  • $390.00 for up to six people and $65.00 per additional person, up to a party of 12.
  • Optional Whispering Angel wine pairing, $55.00 per person.

Price does not include tax, gratuity or service charge



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Reservations are Required

Reserve lunch or dinner online below or call 781-301-6655



Private Cooking Classes with Expert Instruction

The Whispering Angel Culinary Garden is also available for outdoor interactive cooking lessons. Guests will receive expert instruction from Inn owner Trisha Pérez Kennealy (who studied both pastry and cuisine, while earning her Grand Diplôme at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in London), or a member of the Inn’s culinary team. During the experience, guests will interact with beds of herbs, root vegetables, edible flowers and a micro-orchard, depending on the season. 


  • $40/person

Class Topics

  • Cutting Edge: Knife Skills, Omelets and Salads: Let’s start at the very beginning by learning the proper usage of different knives to enhance your cooking abilities. Pair these essential skills with the secrets to making delicious eggs and vinaigrettes to liven up any breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Stone Soup: Broth & Soup Basics: Learn the art of broth making to enhance your culinary repertoire. Chicken, beef and vegetable stock enhance the flavor of many dishes while also providing invaluable health benefits.
  • Big Bird: Secrets of Roasting Chicken: Every cook should know how to make a roasted chicken. This must-know recipe will delight family and friends.
  • Where’s the Beef: In the Oven, On the Grill, and in the Pan: Steak dinner in 30 minutes or less. Learn about different cuts of meat and the most delicious ways to cook them.
  • By the Sea: Grilled Salmon, Tuna Poke and Garlic Shrimp: Learn about New England’s maritime history and how our culinary traditions have been influenced by prevailing trade routes throughout the world.
  • Vegetable Patch: Easy Veggie Prep for all Occasions: Celebrate the bounty of New England’s long agricultural history by learning how to prepare seasonal vegetable dishes. Fabulous side dishes but hearty enough to satisfy vegan and vegetarians.
  • One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato More: Baked, Mashed and Sweet: Learn about the many different types of regular and sweet potatoes and the best recipes to showcase their flavor. Bonus gift for participants who can identify the country where potatoes were first grown–it was not Ireland!
  • Dessert Monster: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies and Dump Cake: Massachusetts–home of fluff, Teddie Peanut Butter and the Toll-House cookie. Come celebrate these favorite local items by leaning to make desserts that celebrate these culinary innovations!

Please also ask about custom class topics to suit what you’d like to learn!


Cancellation Policy for Dining and Classes:

Reservations are not refundable unless in the event of inclement weather. If inclement weather should affect your reservation, we will try our best to reschedule your event to a different day.